DNA Ink; Take It To The Grave

DNA Ink; Take It To The Grave
February 14
06:00 2018

DNA Ink; When Till Death Do Us Part, Isn’t Enough:

DNA Ink is a form of tattooing, that takes the phrase “getting someone” under your skin, to the next level. Basically through creating tattoo ink, out of the ashes of a loved one (or pet etc.), you can then tattoo their “essence” into your skin. In this way, you will always carry a bit of them with you, wherever you go. Combine it with a portrait or other kind of tribute tattoo and in theory, you have the ultimate memorial tattoo piece.

The ink is easily created with an Everence kit (read more in the article here). The kit will with simple easy steps, turn the chosen ashes, into tattoo ink, which can then be tattooed into the skin. This kind of tattooing has been on the rise for quite a while now, seems people love the idea, of making their tattoo that bit extra special. Of course the same risks apply as with the usual tattoo ink, but it seems the benefits far outweigh the risk, for most people.

However, the difference this Everence solution does, compared to how people traditionally just mix ashes into tattoo ink. Is that it captures the DNA in the tattoo. Normally it would disappear into the body and thus the tattoo would not retain it. But with this new solution, the tattoo will indeed retain the DNA. The creators (see the article linked to above) also swear, that it is just as safe as regular tattooing.

Final Comment:

Would you get a DNA tattoo with/off a loved one? or are you more for the traditional approach with a simple tribute tattoo, with normal tattoo ink? That we cannot decide for you guys, but now you know that there is a way, to take a piece of your loved one, into your ink.
Do with this what you will, but tattoo science never seizes to amaze us.

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