Dmitriy Samohin
The people who are familiar with the world of tattooing are no strangers to Dmitriy Samohin. This innovative artist, hailing from Ukraine, has made his mark in the tattoo industry.

He rose to fame in a very short amount of time and won a worldwide fame due to his unique and original style in tattooing. Today, he is considered one of the most amazing, original, and creative tattoo artists in the world. Dmitriy Samohin has won National Tattoo Associations’ Artist’s choice realistic tattoo award. Other awards won by him include ‘Artist’s choice tattooist of best colored back piece’, ‘People’s choice best realistic tattoo award’, and ‘People’s choice tattooist of best colored back piece award’. The list goes on.

Samohin’s style in tattooing is mostly focused towards realism – his art has set the standards of what can be considered the quality art in this category. He creates both colored and white and grey, which have received equal popularity among the tattoo artists and fans alike. The most prestigious names in the tattoo industry are praising his work due to the unique forms of creativity and the depth found in his tattoos.

Dmitriy Samohin is a very busy artist who is often found attending tattooing workshops, conventions, contests, and other tattooing related events. So, if you are someone who likes to attend such events, you can dream of bumping into this brilliant artist someday.

Exploring Dmitriy Samohin’s tattooing style a bit more, we can clearly see his amazing portraits. Since realism is his forte, we can see the same form in his portraits which are breathtaking. His realistic portraits are so masterfully done that you can quite easily mistake those fabulous tattoos for photographs. I loved one tattoo by him which was the portrait of a man in armor. Through the iron armor, the only visible part of the face are the blue eyes, which look so marvelously alive. It isn’t the only tattoo where he has painted a warrior, there are some other of his tattoos where we can see people in armors, or someone holding a sword or some other kind of weapon. He has also explored abstraction in his tattoos and has done it wonderfully, wo whether you like realism or abstract art you can check Samohin’s work online and admire the beauty of his art.

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Gothic art is a form of art that is hugely popular among tattoo lovers and tattoo artists equally – Samohin has ventured in this form and has created many impressive gothic tattoos. The wonderful thing about his tattoos are that there’s always something original and unique in his compositions. Even if he’s carving skulls or snakes on people’s skins, you can see his own original and trademark style in it. There’s always a thought behind what he creates – this is something that gives an artist his own unique identity.

Other than portraits and abstract art, his realistic tattoos of animals and birds are also really beautiful and might interest many nature lovers who are considering getting a tattoo.