Dispersion of Tattoos; No Single Place of Origin:

Dispersion of tattoos, or rather how tattoos got spread all over the globe, even before modern times. For many years, before scientists took a greater interest in tattoos. It was believed that tattoos might have originated in one singular geographical and cultural spot, and then might have spread across the world.

One of the top contenders was always ancient Egypt, since we have found some of the best documented examples, of tattooing or practices that could lead to tattooing there. But this theory has later become heavily discredited. Especially with anthropologists leading the charge.
One of the main points as to why, is that we have seen these practices, like bloodletting, medical “tattooing” etc. which could lead to tattooing. Originate all over the world at the same time, in the tribal origins of most societies.

Because of this, the theory now goes, that there was no single origin point, for tattooing. Tattoos might have dispersed further, through nomadic tribes and tendencies, even trade. Thus people took their tattooing practices with them, when meeting other tribes. This might have spread it even further.

Final Comment:

As even Darwin as said, as you would know from the first ever installment of this series. Tattoos have been a part of all cultures on our planet. So even though this installment may be short, it cements an important fact. There is no culture that can lay more claim to tattoos than others. Tattoos are the heritage of all people on this planet.

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