Derek Turcotte; IntenZe Trailblazer with a Flair for Color and Realism

Derek Turcotte; IntenZe Trailblazer with a Flair for Color and Realism
June 04
23:08 2017

Who is Derek Turcotte:

Derek Turcotte is one of the IntenZe Trailblazers, chosen sponsored artists by IntenZe Tattoo Ink. These artists are chosen, because they are the créme de la créme, when it comes to their style. But also because they embody the right spirit of competition, eagerness to improve their art, as well as having a great deal of integrity.

Derek has himself, been tattooing for 10 years and currently works out of the Electric Grizzly tattoos studio, in Canmore, Alberta Canada. He is incredibly skilled when it comes to colourful tattoos, really utilizing the many different ink colors, to their fullest. Doesn’t matter whether it is a realistic or more illustration like tattoo, Derek makes those colors pop.

He loves his friends and is a very passionate tattoo artist, always seeking to improve himself, yet remaining humble in the process and loving all the friends he gets to make, as well as all the amazing art he gets to create, as he improves his craft.

Interview with Derek:

1. What is your experience with IntenZe and what do you think about them?

Derek: They are a great company easy to work with and a generous sponsor.

2. What is it like being a Trail-blazer for IntenZe?

Derek: Honored to be amongst the other international artists tattooing with the IntenZe brand.

3. What has it done for you as an artist getting a sponsorship by them, would you recommend sponsorships to other artists?

Derek: Working with IntenZe, with the obvious benefit of tattooing with great colors that heal and hold as good as any brand in the market, I think it has also given me more exposure and reach as a artist through social media and advertising as well… I would recommend sponsorship for sure, it’s great exposure for getting to use great products.

Time to get a little more personal:

4. How would you describe your own style of tattooing?

Derek: Illustrative, realistic, mostly color, I like to put lines to make the work hold, but keep the shading soft trying to achieve a realistic look

5. What is your favorite image to tattoo on people as well as your favorite body-part to tattoo on?

Derek: I like to tattoo leg-sleeves or back-pieces.

6. Who’s your favourite type of client/customer?

Derek: Longtime clients are great to tattoo, as most of them become friends, as you spend hundreds of hours together and def proud to have that much artwork on a great persons. Tattooing collectors is a great honor.
As adding to art besides other artists is a huge pressure but privilege

7. What would you like to see happen/change in the tattoo industry in the future, or is there something you hope will happen more?

Derek: It’s great the way the industry is evolved to share information and has made the world a really small place,, we are lucky to tattoo in such a great time for tattooing, a little intimidating with how much crazy talent is out there!

8. Do you yourself have any future plans or projects, that people might be interested to know about?

Derek: In the future i hope to travel a bit more…and continue the headdress painting series I’ve been working on… branch more into surrealism with painting and tattooing.

Gallery and final comments:

Derek Turcotte himself.

Despite how humble Derek Turcotte is, there is no denying his crazy talent as a tattoo artist. Indeed one should feel lucky to get tattooed by him. He truly embodies the spirit of what it means to be an IntenZe Trailblazer.
Striving to be the best, yet remaining humble and loyal, to his family, friends and clients.

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