Days Gone; Zombie Survival With A Twist:

Days Gone; Zombie Survival With A Twist:
May 26
17:25 2018

Days Gone; Unlikely Protagonist:

The video game Days Gone, which is still currently in development, is promising to bring something new to the zombie survival game genre. Set in a post apocalyptc world, you have to survive best you can. All while navigating the undead hordes, negotiating and dealing with other survivors, and fighting them too. It is a crazy world which looks to be something else and awesome.

People were blown away by how the good the graphics looked when the game was shown off (for example by IGN/In Game News). For the first time ever there, when they say a horde, you actually feel like a horde is attacking you and rushing you down. But here at MediaZink we noticed something else, which they are reinventing a bit. Usually, even if they may not be the usual heroes, the protagonist is usually a pretty straight forward type.

However, in Days Gone, you play as Deacon, a member of a bikergang, whom survived the apocalypse together with one of his gang brothers (all we know so far). With this they have taken quite the interesting step. The game developers have not censored themselves at all and both Deacon and his gang brother Boozer, are covered in tattoos.

Shifting the Norm:

We see this more and more in video games, and pop culture. There are more and more tattooed characters, even among the heroes and protagonists. However, we do not usually see heavily tattooed bikers taking the lead role in any game. Not only that, but it would seem they have worked quite hard on the tattoo designs. Making sure they look good and fit the character.

Deacon himself has both neck and sleeve tattoos. But boozer takes the cake, having seemingly all of his body tattooed, including all of his neck and scalp. It is not something we see barely ever, in video games (untill God of War, we had barely seen such heavily tattooed characters ever). This shift in video game culture, might even be a sign of more acceptance growing, within pop culture as a whole.

Final Comment:

Days Gone seems to be a game to watch out for if you like zombie horror and survival. Even if you don’t like tattoos, the character of Deacon also seems interesting. Like you can’t wait to learn more about him as you play. It promises to be a great game, and we can at least stand by that the tattoos look awesome and on point too.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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