What a day .

What a day .
November 26
08:00 2014

Martin phoned today to see if we could meet somewhere .

“I have a surprise for you ”

– He said into the phone. I had just sold my last newspaper front Kvickly in Hvidovre, where I had stood since at 09.00 and was about to run . Now he was good enough in Roskilde and that should just go an hour or two before he would be nearby.

That suited me fine as I might hurtle into Husforbi after a few more newspapers. People know me when I come into Bragesgade where Husforbi located . Other homeless people who I do not know comes over and talk , and I am really happy . Yes indeed I get even more desire to help , the closer I come to them.

When I stand at the counter waiting for my papers , I can out of the corner of your eye see that over there in the kitchen will be served burger. I have not had anything to eat so quickly , I could and pick up a plate of the day’s menu .

The burger is eaten , the newspapers are in the bag and I’m heading back towards Valby. Yes there I will meet with Martin and Jeanett . I know now not so much true , for we have only met once before. It was a week ago when we met at Valby Hall. Jeanett had at the beginning of the trip asked if we could meet one day , she had a jacket for me .

I got a bag of mixed Felix my dog, and I even got a brand new down jacket . I have not used it yet, and it’s not because I do not like it , but I want to save it. It’s nice to be able to take a nice jacket on if I have to visit someone, or go to a meeting with anyone else. Or , to be able to walk down the street in nice clothes outside , to be unveiled in homelessness .
It dawns on me that Martin had made a posting on Facebook after we had last met . He was asking for someone who might . had a computer lying they did not use. He would donate a computer to Follow A Homeless such that the book is now on its way , could be written thereon. He had even put 500 kroner in the box , and soon he had time in his own little project .


Now Martin stood there in front of me with Jeanett , and he had a black bag hanging on the shoulder. He told me that it was a great pleasure for him and Jeanett that now I was to receive this computer. When Martin on the phone had said that he had a surprise for me , it was so not what I had seen coming.
It’s clear that I ‘m glad another and better computer than the one I have . It will be a pleasure to write some keys, which works first time I press them . I so well that there was a person in a comment recently that had a laptop lying almost was not used , and the I was offered . It was just as difficult to write back and say ” yes ” and I did not get it done.

Now I stood here opposite Martin as his arm out in against me with the computer by hand. There I can not wait to respond, or stand long and consider my next move. I went in against it and shook his hand , I gave him a hug and hand again.


Thank you

Martin Esfort


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    punanihunter November 26, 10:34

    this is a nice story! 🙂

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