David Troest – The Awakening – Art Exhibition


David Troest have been featured on Mediazink before regarding his great oil paintings.
No doubt about that David loves the World of monsters and small creapy things.

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All the staff at The Awakening was all painted and modified into Zombies and they took good care of the visitors.
The bar served many different kind of speciel brew and the welcome drinks where of course “blod” drained from a little child body.

The place where really great and well picked for an exhibition like this, at the old military facility in Naestved in Denmark.
Many fellow artists, family and friends took the time to drop by and got inspired like David wanted them to be.

50 paintings where present at the exhibition and it was possible to buy the artworks for a very speciel price.
Many took the opportunity to extend their art collection by this unique offer.
See many of the artworks here at david´s Instagram.

The evening ended with a nice band playing and the party could continue around the city.

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All photo: Mark Augustenborg