David Permby – Bright Ink

Foto by: Evgeny Ivanon – 50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg 2019

Who is David:
– I am a guy who enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
I love my work, and I work as hard as I can.
I am a family man, I live together with my partner
and our son, who is 3 years of age. I consider myself
to be a person with good work ethics. Every customer
that walks into my studio gets treated the same way,
with respect, I want to keep an open atmosphere at work.
When my customer is satisfied, I am satisfied.

How did you get into tattooing?
– Basically the reason why I ended up tattooing was the lack
of a formal education. Long story short; I moved around a lot
when I was younger, I worked in a whole lot of different places
until one day I got the opportunity to become an apprentice in
a tattoo shop in southern Sweden.

Where are you based, shop and country?
– My base of operations is located in a small community in southern
Sweden called Bromölla. I opened my own studio back in 2015
and it is called Bright Ink. At the moment we are three tattoo artists
in total along with my apprentice. During my four years stationed in Bromölla,
I have  experienced a good growth for my business and I always do my best
and try to satisfy my customers.

What´s your favorite style of tattooing, to do and why?
– I started working with realism simply because there were many good traditional
tattoo artists around me, and I wanted my work to stick out from the rest.
My favourite subjects to work on are realistic portraits, mainly from films due
to the fact I like watching movies. I like to do tattoos with different nuances and
I really make an effort to make my tattoos look as realistic and as vibrant as possible.
And Although my preference is realism and realistic motifs, I don’t shy away from extending
my professional reach into other. I enjoy doing different variants of tattoos, I try to expand my
own knowledge and craftsmanship by pushing myself to new limits.

What inspires you and where do you find the inspiration?
– Speaking of inspiration, I feel inspired by other tattoo artists,
I strive to be my best self when it comes to my work. And looking up
to others, make me want to push myself further and continue to grow
as an tattoo artist. Going to conventions and participate in competitions
is a great learning experience as well.

What is your favorite tattoo convention, that you have worked at so far?
– So far, the most enjoyable tattoo convention I have attended is the Dublin
International Tattoo Convention. I had a blast working at that convention,
I got to meet a lot of great people, good tattoo artists and the general atmosphere
at the convention was great. It is a very professional convention, with good shows and
A thrilling aspect of going to conventions is also to compete with my tattoos as well as
enjoy the work of other tattoo artists, it is a great learning expierince to attend conventions.
You grow a lot as an artist when you are away on conventions.

Your favorite place to travel for guest spot / convention?
– At the end of July, for the first time ever, I’m going to guest tattoo at
Collective 13 in Dublin. I also have several other guest spots planned around the world.

Any future plans?
– My future plans, as far as my work goes, I hope to grow into a better black and grey,
as well as realistic, tattoo artist than I am today.  Of course one of my biggest dreams
is to make myself a known name in the tattooing world.

Where can people see more of your great work?
– They can see more of my work on Instagram:

I also want to acknowledge and say thanks to my friends
and family, who stand beside me through fail and foul,
it would not have been possible without you.