New Series of Short Informative articles:

Darwin is only the start of it all, with this new series. The plan for this series, is to make short articles, that are easy and quick to read. The articles will have a focus on historical “fun facts”, that have to do with tattoos and body-art.

However, we will not be listing tons of references, we expect people to go and read up on the topics themselves.
Whether they want to fact check what we talk about, want to know more about the topic themselves or want to tell us about a fun fact they discovered themselves, we expect people to do that research on their own.

Else we hope you will enjoy these short articles and that you will trust, that we have checked our sources and know what we talk about to be facts, as far as we know. So please enjoy this first installment/volume.

Darwin; Looking At The Tribal Origins Of People:

Most people know Darwin from The Origin of Species, above all else. Where he discussed the, still to this day, heavily debated topic of evolution. To many people Darwin proved how we humans came to be the way we are. As well as proving why we are different from animals.

But what people don’t know, is that even Darwin happened upon tattoos in his studies. Perhaps while encountering tribal people, while researching different animal species on Galapagos. No matter how he happened upon them, it would seem from a quote he made, that he encountered them quite a bit, and developed quite the theory about them:

“Not one great country can be named, from the polar regions in the north to New Zealand in the south, in which the aborigines do not tattoo themselves…” Darwins qoute goes on even further (Van Dinter, 2005). But it all says the same thing, the whole world has tattoos and body art as part of their culture. Every religion has had it, every culture, every nation and every continent and people. He said this quote in his great work, named “the Decent of Man”.

Is It So Strange?:

Is it really so strange to think, that Darwin would have had theories and opinions on tattoos, and their origin?
He was researching evolution and how humans came to be, among many other things. So of course he would also have looked at our tribal origins, as well as what mannerisms we have, that set us apart from animals, as well as which make us more like them.

In a way, tattoos can be argued to have done both. Since we can’t ask Darwin ourselves. We do believe that that is for you readers to look into on your own. Perhaps the way we choose to scar and paint the body, with tattoos, is something that sets us apart and requires agency. However, it can also be reminiscent of the need in the animal kingdom, for especially males to stand out and be colorful, especially in the eyes of potential mates.

However, with how many different people that get tattooed today, perhaps the first theory is the more likely one. At least in our context today, where it is about individual expression. But that is for you guys to decide on your own, just know that Darwin found tattoos to be a part of all society and cultures.

Final Comment:

No matter how Darwin came across tattoos, what he thought they represented. The fact remains, that even Darwin had a look at tattoos in his research and found that they existed all over the world. So much so, that even Darwin found it an almost natural part, of our human nature, back almost 300 years ago.

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