UK dare devil performs the worlds first \”Globe of Death\” sword swallow. London based professional sword swallower, Johnny Strange, teamed up with “Globe of Death, EU” to perform a dangerous new stunt while in Brussels, Belgium, as part of his current tour.

At 2:00pm, 9th November 2014 at the International Brussels Tattoo Convention, Johnny Strange became the first male to swallow a sword while standing inside a Globe of Death. The Globe of Death is a moto stunt where motorcyclists ride in a spherical mesh ball looping vertically as well as horizontally. Stunt rider, Vesko Lesev, rode his motorcycle at speeds of over 70km/h (40mph) around Johnny Strange as he swallowed a 43cm (17-inch) solid steel blade in the cramped 5 meter cage. Johnny Strange is no stranger to performing amazing stunts having already earned himself numerous Guinness World Records, many of which are featured in the current (2015) 60th edition Guinness Book of Records, including the record for “The heaviest weight lifted using ear piercings” where he lifted 32.8lbs (14.9kg) cast iron weights using just the piercings in his ears.

When questioned for a statement, Strange was quoted as saying “I have been performing sword swallowing for a few years now, it took me three years of practice to learn and is extremely dangerous to do. Lesev is great rider, the skill he shows in the Globe of Death fascinates me but teaming up was still no easy decision to make. There is a lot of trust needed on both parties as one false move could have had devastating concequences for either of us. I have performed in Belgium before but have never performed in Brussels until now, The International Brussels Tattoo convention had an amazing atmosphere and the audiences throughout the weekend were fantastic. I can\’t wait to come back, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later.\”

Guinness World Records have been contacted and Johnny Strange is waiting conformation of his new record.

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