The Danish Rose Specialist – Mr. Christian Boye

Christian Boye Larsen - Cover
Photo: Christian Boye Larsen.

Christian is a very talented artists raised in the “old capitol of Denmark in the viking time, Roskilde”.
Now he perform his artwork and love for the tattooing in Copenhagen Denmark.

One of the favorite style is to do Roses.
Color or Black and Grey doesn´t matter.

Christian Boye Larsen-15
Picture from Christian facebook profile.

Today he is working in the Timeless Art shop in Frederiksberg – a part of Copenhagen.
A shop hosting a fine crew of high skilled artists, who perform different kind of tattoo styles.
Mediazink will soon highlight more artists from this shop.

The site is now working to show a full gallery from Christian. Coming soon!

Until then you will be teased with a selection of Christian Boye Larsen´s rose pictures.
High level art performance indeed.

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