The Danish artist, Karma Kaliph, takes his music and lyrics to depths that seldom are heard in music today with his old friends Frank Hansen (drums) and Chris Kjaer (bass) they have created a unique sound and expression.

Music Saves My Soul (vol. 1)” is recorded and mixed at NONAME studios, and produced by Chris Kjaer.

My music is the way I express my inner self, my thoughts and my demons

It’s a kind of self therapy…

Through the hardest times of my life, it’s through my songs I’ve learned to live with the ups and downs…

That’s why my Album is named “MUSIC SAVES MY SOUL””

Karma Kaliph‘s self therapy comes like a wonderful musical and lyrical statement on the CD “Music Saves My Soul (Vol. 1)“. 

Through years of struggle with the edges and bumps in life. Small pieces of paper and Dictaphone recordings when he was in rehab for his cocaine and alcohol abuse. Has evolved to this finished masterpiece of the highest international caliber.

The Danish rock musician has found an expression that is deeper than what you normally hear today. With a spirituality and soul searching curiosity. 

Karma Kaliph puts a fingerprint on an industry that otherwise stinks of money-hungry non-talented stereotypes, and interpreted the most honest statement heard in a long long time.

I love all kinds of music, and I listen to many different styles. My biggest inspiration is probably THE BEATLES but you might hear some Faith No More, Soundgarden and Red Hot Chili Peppers hidden in my sound”.

Musical bright ideas in an understated universe, makes sure you never get bored while listning to this epic album. A must buy for any musical interested listener who’s not afraid to try something new, with meaning and depth.

The album is released November 14 worldwide