Curtis James Jackson III, aka 50 Cent became famous since the release of the album “Get Rich or Die Trying” in(2003). But earlier, the rapper who is familiarly called Fifty underwent a grim childhood.

His mother, Sabrina Jackson had ever become a drug dealer and died when Fifty was 8 years old. Meanwhile his father left him and Fifty was raised by his grandmother. It made him frustrated and he used drugs at the age of 12 years.

After being involved in legal cases and imprisoned, Fifty tryed to pursue his dream of becoming a boxer before turning to the world of rap music.

The first of Fifty’s musical career came when a friend introduced him to the legendary rapper Jam Master Jay (was shot dead in 2002), the mid-90s. The rapper who joined the rap group of Run DMC had taught Fifty on how to work on rap songs. At that time, he had joined the label Jam Master Jay Records and appeared on the song “React” from the album “Shut’Em Down” (1998) belonged to Onyx.