An Ultimate Display of Faith and Loyalty:

Crusaders, just about everyone have heard about these holy warriors. You don’t have to know too much about history, to know about these fellows and what they tried to accomplish. But we won’t discuss their holy mission or what it brought with it today.

Instead, what we will be talking about, is an interesting fact about them that not many people know off.
For a period of time, some crusaders, would actually tattoo themselves. This was not just any old tattoo, they would tattoo themselves with crosses, in the name of god. They did it to show their devotion and loyalty to their god.

Indeed, they wanted to display this to anyone that came across them. So many of them took to tattooing a cross, on their foreheads. Through this they displayed for everyone to see, friend or foe, that they were the most devote christian knights. However, this practice was eradicated by the church itself at one point…

Hypocrisy of The Church:

The christian faith, both the Protestant and Catholic  churches, were not always against tattoos. However, in the medieval times, their came a change in especially the Catholic church. No longer were tattoos seen as something that could be permitted by god. They were seen as blasphemous, and as a stain on gods creation, the body of man.

So the church actually ex-communicated, some of their most loyal crusaders, for their body art. Thus they punished them for something, they had done to show their devotion at one time. Many of these men went to the new world, becoming conquistadors in an attempt, to atone for their bodily sin.

Today however, it would seem that both the Protestant church as well as the Catholic, have softened up their positions towards tattoos quite a bit. However, the Pope still seems quite against tattoos, at least to some extent. However, tattoos showing faith, no matter the religion, have always and will always be very popular.

Final Comments:

Hopefully you found this article interesting. It really shows how tattoos have been everywhere and been worn by just about every part of society. Even crusading knights. Perhaps this puts some things today, into perspective for some people. However, it might not, as religious tattoos are still among some of the most popular designs to get.

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