Cozy opening day at Nordic Ink Festival

Cozy opening day at Nordic Ink Festival
October 24
11:00 2015

The doors opened at 4PM for the fifth time in Nordic Ink Festival history.
approx. 120 Tattoo Artists from 4 continents made sure, that the visitors got a great
insight to the World of Body Art.

This year the visitors even have another things to explorer. This year the venue also host The Nordic Brew event.
More than 150 differenet beers is located in Arena Nord.
So why not come and tast some great beers and get some ink from the super skilled artists working on the convention.

The evening had Thomas&Kevin on stage and they made sure that the visitors and artists got some nice music.
9PM the show ended by awarding the best of friday.
The best of friday winner was Michelle from Kineone Denmark.

A jury with a good mix of oldies and new comers in the business made sure that that the competitions was judge fair and secured.

Here we show you some of the working artists among traders.

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  1. Tattoos_by_milo
    Tattoos_by_milo October 27, 10:55

    Virkelig fed convention med mange skønne mennesker 😀

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  2. MarkAugustenborg
    MarkAugustenborg October 27, 10:54

    super fed messe 🙂

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