If one of your objectives in life is to have genuine and enduring affection and love, discover somebody you trust enough with something as extraordinary as a tattoo.

Getting a tat could be a major ordeal, particularly if it’s your very first one. The vast majority experience serious difficulties on a plan, so we’re more than awed by the couples who let their noteworthy others etching them with inks for almost forever.

For how much we know this is the ultimate trust goal. Inking can really get weird sometimes and what if the tattoo chosen by you is not good enough for them? Or what if that opens up the way for you two to break up? Okay I am not being paranoid but you get a lot of pressure when deciding what your partner has to have for the rest of their lives, other than you *winks*.

Okay so these two couples decided tattoos for each other and unlike just putting up their initials over their partner’s body, they had something else in mind. That something else means love, my friends.

One of the couples were girlfriends living through thick and thin with each other since high school. They got one another a leaf and a pomegranate. The leaf was of significant importance for both of them since their days together and at one point, both wanted each other to have leaf as the tattoo. The pomegranate, on the other hand, symbolized the girl for how diverse she was.

The other couple got each other verses from the bible. The guy knew her girl loves cursive handwriting and her faith in the Christ had led her to all the best things in life and so he wanted her to have “By grace, through faith”. The girl, on the other hand, wanted him to have “For the good” with the T being like the cross.

When both the couples were revealed with the tattoos, they could not help one another from loving each other more and more. They kissed each other and thanked for how understanding their partner can be. All the four tattoos meant something that was beyond words and figures to be explained, only eyes could tell how they felt and they felt amazing. For what we understood from the whole thing, is that love is all about trust and when you are truly in love with someone, you trust them and you level up to their expectations.

Now here the questions sums up to how many of you are willing to take up the trust challenge? Do you trust your partner the way they did?