Copenhagen International Tattoo Convention

Presented by David Alex Alexander




David Alexander aka “Alex”
Owner of Rites of Passage tattoo Copenhagen

Alex has 24 years of experience in the tattoo industry, and has owned Rites of Passage for 10 years.
He attended his first tattoo convention in 1998 in Athens and also won his first award.

Since then he has attended well over 100 conventions worldwide and gathered over 100 international awards, 30 or 40 of those being best tattoo of the show.
Some highlights of these were being the first artist to win 2 consecutive best of day awards in Stockholm, best tattoo of the show in Amsterdam and Icelandic tattoo ambassador.

Alex , what is your experience of tattoo conventions ?

I find it a great way to bring artists together, they get to meet up, learn from each other swap ideas on techniques, styles etc, and of course to meet and hang out with friends in the industry.

Alex says that the difference between the Copenhagen convention and others isn’t that big in its concept. What is new is the location. Denmark didn’t have tattoo conventions on a regular basis and never on this scale.
This year we will showcase some of the biggest names in the industry from all over the world and of course Denmark.
Attending will be artists from all walks of life tattooing in styles that reflect them and their culture including traditional Americana, South American , hand tattooed Nordic ,big bright oriental, traditional Polinesian, more modern new school and even abstract. If you have a style of work you like – Copenhagen International tattoo Convention has an artist for you.

Sounds lie allot to offer tattoo fans, is there anything for the general public.

Alex – (laughs) o hell yes , we are bringing some “freaks ” who are both in the Guiness book of records for various things to entertain, the Lizard man who is tattooed all over his body to look like a lizard will be performing side show tricks as they used to be back in the 1950s and also entertaining with his quirky jokes and stage show. (attatch photo)

Matt Gone who apart from full body tattoos also has his eye balls tattooed will be on hand to mix and mingle with the audience. ( attatch photo)
Both will also be happy to have their photos taken and answer questions.

If this is not already enough we have great bands , beautiful burlesque dancers, dj ,tattoo competitions ,miss tattoo and much more to come.

As a visitor to the show what should you focus on ?

The main focus is on the tattooing , with the spiralling amount of tattoo shops and “people who tattoo” we want the public to learn what its really about and the standard of what can be achieved with this ancient art.

“cheap tattoos are not good and good tattoos are not cheap “

Going to you friend isn’t always going to give you what you want, people need to research artists to get what`s right for them and made in a professional way.
we want people to come and feed their curiosity for things they don’t see on a daily basis. Most of all we want people to come , have a good time and walk away a little wiser than when they came in.

Any last comments ?

appointments can be made with any of the artists attending by contacting them directly.
Come , have and have great time .