An Equal Group For Everyone Interested In Cruisers:

Copenhagen Custom Cruisers, is a group based (as the name might reveal) in Copenhagen. The group is all about bicycles, specifically of the cruiser kind and custom made. They welcome anyone who likes the custom cruiser bikes, as well as having a good time, hanging out with likeminded people and who enjoy a chilled out riding session.

Whether you just like the bikes or nerd out completely, putting them together yourself from scratch, or anything in between, this group welcomes you with open arms. It is all about being a community, where everyone feels at home and can enjoy themselves.

According to the founders, whom we sat down and had a chat with, a perfect CCC day is as follows:
Getting together with awesome people, in lovely weather, going for a nice cruise with those people and just enjoying life, especially when a lot of people turn up.

Bengt & Søren; Founders, Cruiser Lovers and Chilled Out Dudes:

Bengt & Søren founded CCC/Copenhagen Custom Cruisers, back in 2009. They originally founded the group together on Facebook and in real life: Basically because they thought it would be fun to get more people into custom cruiser bicycles. Then they would also have more people to share their hobby with and to hang out, and cruise around with.

Currently today on Facebook they have about 6-700 members, but not all are active as such. Out of all these members, there are at least 80 that are active and have their own custom cruisers that they come and ride along on.

Bengt & Søren personally, were interested in the cruiser bicycles, for many years before founding their group. However, they do not use their veteran status, to claim any authority in the group. There is a total flat leadership. Anyone is free to arrange a cruiser hangout in the group. Despite this fact, Søren has however, been named the unofficial leader and chairman of CCC.

Bengt, Photo Cred: Thomas Nyhus aka Rawshotter

Søren, Photo Cred: Thomas Nyhus aka Rawshotter

Pimped Bikes and Inked Riders:

There is a good chance for anyone that run into the lovely people from CCC, that they will see a lot of ink.
The two founders themselves, especially Bengt, sport a large collection of tattoos themselves. However, it is according to them, a mere coincidence that so many of their members have lots of tattoos.

They guess that subcultures like theirs might just attract people that are also part of other subcultures and such. For example people that also love tattoos. But honestly they aren’t sure why, but they find it awesome and fun that they attract a lot of tattooed people to their subculture and group.

Personally among the founders, Bengt was already covered all over, in tattoos before they started the group, whereas Søren (as he says while laughing), was teased into it, but now loves and collects tattoos.
He even wants a tattoo to do with the subculture, inspired by a few of the members in CCC that have awesome bicycle related tattoos.

Photo cred; Rune Hööck Von

Collecting Bicycles, Creating Community and Having Fun:

It might seem obvious by now, but the group is all about chilling and having fun, making everyone feel at home. But it is also all about the bicycles, and for some of the members, a lot of the fun comes in the collecting.

For some it seems all about collecting loads of different cruisers in various different styles, so they can pick and choose which one to bring to a hangout or one of the groups events. Søren for example used to have around 8 bicycles, when his collection was at it’s biggest, a number he has cut down severely later on.

Another form of collecting, which Søren is also a part of, and Bengt to an extent too. Is having one or 2 bicycles, that you really pimp fully, making them special. It becomes all about gaining admiration from other group members for your bikes design and such, as well as from any other passers-by.

But the goal for the group is still mainly to hangout, get together and seeing Copenhagen in a new perspective, from a cruiser bicycle. No matter how you are a part of the group or collecting.

Final Comments:

Copenhagen Custom Cruisers, is indeed quite the friendly and awesome group, one of 4 cruiser groups in Denmark. They always welcome new members who share in their interests. You might even make it to one of their many events they host every year, such as their Halloween or Christmas rides, or their Amager Rundt ride. It is all about the atmosphere and people enjoying themselves, and they welcome anyone to join in the fun.

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