Chin Tattoos; History Fun Fact Vol. 31

Chin Tattoos; History Fun Fact Vol. 31
June 03
13:26 2018

Chin Tattoos; An Ancient Beauty Standard:

Chin tattoos, when we see them today, we assume immediately, that the person is part of the tattoo community. Not just a random fan or some casual tattooed person. More often than not, the person also has an extensive tattoo collection, before getting a chin tattoo. However, the chin tattoo was not always something stigmatized or extreme.
In fact it was something, that was sought after.

In many places around the world, especially the Arctic, New Zealand and Polynesia. The chin tattoo was actually something of a beauty ideal. It was a marker of status and success, as well as something which was objectively viewed as beautiful. Especially among the Inuit women, chin tattoos were viewed as a symbol of beauty. They were seen as something that made a woman more attractive.

With European settlers making their way to the far corners of the world, throughout the renaissance and industrial period. Many of these tattoo traditions and beauty ideals, were slowly driven underground. Some cultures did however continue their traditions, regardless of the opinion of the Europeans. Luckily they did, because we can today still see these cultures and traditions alive.

3 Maori women proudly showing off their chin tattoos.

Final Comment:

Chin Tattoos, whether you find them beautiful or not. No one can deny how much history lies behind them. They are indeed an important cultural heritage, to Inuit women and the Maori Culture (both men and women). We should be grateful, that a few individuals around our world, keep these beautiful traditions alive.

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    They were seen as something that made a woman more attractive.

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