I love body art, and I think it’s reflective of a person’s personality

Either you are attracted to that kind of body art or you not.
Roses are Cheryl favorite flower and treble clef represents her music career.
Cheryl Cole has long had the idea of ​​doing a rose tattoo on her buttocks and lower back for a long time.

Cheryl Cole revealed a HUGE floral tattoo that covers her entire lower back and buttocks, in August 2013, she came in contact with the tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado. It took several months, it was before it was finally finished. In February 2013, she announced that she had already completed 15 hours in the tattoo.
The tattoo has a deeper meaning for Cheryl.
She has said this tattoo is her last, but she can still change your mind. Course we will maintain an eye on Cheryl and her tattoos