I was charmed by JAPAN since i was child. At age of 7 Start studying Karate and accomplished my study with black belt. I was stoked as soon i saw in these years The first ukyioe prints by Hokusai. So all started.. In The end of seventies..


Is a never ending journey. My Travelling and tattooing around The world bring me in las vegas (seven years ago almost) and i had The luck to meet sensei Horitoshi First. He’s a Living legend of traditional Tattoo in japan and worldwide. Time by time our mutual artists respect , grows into a real friendship.and few years later We Start The PROJECT of HIS first Book ( he ALWAYS refuse to appear, to any form of comercialization of HIS art and style) but time need change . So The project become true . Our intentions is to spread The culture not reserching fame. So after publishing The Book naturally i asked to learn more. To learn The real deal. So naturally was The answer. It all begins in Tokyio. Tebori is The style. Is a Way of life and almost a “philosophy”. Study Hard is The key. Never give up. ALWAYS training Like martial arts. I found late ( but is never too late) that TEBORI was my Way. Studying ukyioe was Just The beginning.

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Traditional Japanese artist must find in their inspiration , the ancient images of Ukyioe. Those artists where for centuries the only witness of everyday life and their images still stunning the world. Many Ukyioe artist where also involved in painting various legendary stories. -PICS- This images still running as bright reference . The different style of each artist bring into same subject different “way” to be rapresented. So every Tattoo artist naturally can follow HIS own inspiration.

When customers approach certain artist must discuss also their reference. But is the Tattoo artist Who must be able to transform with his own talent each ukyioe image into HIS personal wiew and style.in modern Times we have a great instrument as Internet and all the techno media. But is a double edge weapon: too many customers watching images on it and ask reproduction so similar that all the talent of the artist will be almost not use. Is very important keep the Classic references and building from them. Or everybody’s work will be look-alike somebody’s else.