Charlotte Guttenberg; Guinness World Record Holder:

Charlotte Guttenberg, currently age 69, has been a Guinness world record holder, since 2015. Charlotte has the record, for being the most tattooed senior citizen (female), in the entire world. She at the time she first set her record, Guiness estimated that 91% approximately, of her body was completely covered in tattoos.

But Charlotte’s profound love for tattoos, has made sure that she didn’t stop there. She has kept going back to the tattoo parlour, these past 3 years. Today, they estimate (as she has been entered into the Guinness book of world records again),that 98% of Charlotte’s skin, is covered in tattoos.

But the queen of ink, doesn’t sit on her throne alone. With her she has her current husband Chuck Helmke. Together the couple hold both the male and female titles, for most tattooed senior citizens in the world. How fitting that they share their love with each other.

The People Behind the Ink:

Both Chuck and Charlotte are huge fans of tattoos and have always been. They both advocate heavily, for how tattoos should be more accepted around the world. As well as how they are a tool for self-expression. They both share a deep love for tattoos, and they even met during one of Charlotte’s tattoo sessions, where Chuck volunteered to hold her hand through the pain.

Interestingly enough, Charlotte didn’t start getting tattooed till quite late in her life. She started at the age of 50, with her first tattoo being a butterfly on her chest. She had always loved tattoos previously, but her former husband, who passed away many years ago, forbid her from getting any tattoos, despite him having a couple himself.

But it didn’t take long after his passing, when Charlotte decided to go and get that tattoo she always wanted. She did it partially, to find herself and to be more herself. Charlotte pretty much knew after the first tattoo, where her love would take her. She was going to get covered all over.

Final Comment:

Charlotte Guttenberg and her husband actually hold several other records (read more), all of which are tattoo related. It is awesome, how this couple proves, that tattoos can still be bad-ass even when you are well into your golden years.
As well as how they try to show people, how they are a way of expressing yourself and that it doesn’t make anyne a bad person. We hope they continue to be happy together and love their tattoos.

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