Cervena Fox; Wonderous, Wonderful and Full of Adventure:

We had the awesome pleasure of running into Cervena Fox, at this year’s Scottish Tattoo Convention.
Of course we had to sit down and have an interview, with this lovely and impressive young lady.
It was her 3rd year at the Scottish Tattoo Convention, and she loves the event and performing there.

Cervena is a woman of many talents, by now she can write 3 whole professions on her CV; Performance Artist, Tattoo Artist and Model. Most people will probably know her mainly for her modelling career, where she has graced the covers of just about every major tattoo magazine in the world.
But Cervena has always had her mind set on performing, so it is great to see that she has been doing more and more performances all over the world, at various different events, not to mention lots of Tattoo Conventions, in these last few years.

Playing with Fire:

Her passion for performance and her interest in fire dancing, which she is also well known for, goes further back than most people might know. As she mentioned herself, when she was 4 years old she saw some traditional fire dancers on a holiday with her parents in Thailand.

That was when her interest for “playing” with fire was first peaked. But it was not until she was 21 years old that she started to learn the art of fire dancing, however with equipment that was not on fire. It would be a couple more years before she got started with the fire for real.

Today, it is a stable in many of her shows and she makes it look so easy and natural. She even performs every year with her fire dance troupe the Pyro Hex, at the London Tattoo Convention, which she herself proclaims as her favourite.


From Queen of the Damned to Vampire Princess:

It is not just fire shows that Cervena loves to perform, she has quite the variety of performances. All involving some form of incredible acrobatics. When she started out for real just 4 years ago, she did a show inspired by the queen of the damned, at the Gorlesque Show.

Since them her performances have had many different themes, one of her most famous being a cosplay performance of the legendary comic book character Red Sonja.  She draws her inspiration from lots of different things, but mainly it would seem from the dark and macabre at times.

Her newest show which she performed for the first time at the Scottish Tattoo Convention this year. Was a vampire Aerial Show with chains. Now we don’t want to spoil it for you guys too much, as you need to see it. But it was quite the impressive feat she pulled off with one hell of a costume.

Cervena also talked about how it is important to her, no matter what theme and costume she creates next. That it is something that helps her feel naturally sexy during her performance, while also being entertaining. She always enjoyed being sexy and playful on stage, so that is a big part of it for her.


Her Own Collection:

It is probably no coincidence that Cervena performs at a lot of tattoo conventions worldwide. Not only is her shows awesome and not only is she herself a tattoo artist. But she does have quite the collection of tattoos herself.

Many of her fans would probably think to the fox tattoo on her right arm, which cleverly enough also fits with her stage name. Her collection is pretty vast now a day’s, but the 27 year old Cervena, did start out somewhat early: Getting her first tattoo at the age of 16, a pair of swallows on her hips which she still loves till this day.

But not all of her tattoos have been master pieces she must confess, though many of them are awesome. Her 3rd tattoo she ever got, she can’t. It is a skull on the back of her neck, which sadly seems to be difficult to cover up, but who knows, maybe someday she will.

The Modelling:

Modelling is by far the trade of Cervena’s at which she has the most experience. Like with her tattoo collection, she started modelling at the age of 16. Already by the age of 20 in 2010 though, she had scored her first tattoo magazine cover.

At first she just modelled part time, but by the time she turned 19-20 years old, she had already made modelling her fulltime job. A career which she seems to still be able to make time for, even with all the other stuff she is working on in her life.

Balance and Synergy:

Cervena is a woman with many talents as well as 3 jobs, as we mentioned earlier. For a lot of people, all the work that Cervena does would be enough to make their head spin. But she seems to have a talent for balancing it all and creating synergy.

As she herself said, she would get bored if she had to do the same thing day in and day out. So for her it helps her that she has all jobs and stuff going on that she does, she loves it. Also, all of it is creative, so they seem to all inspire one another, her tattooing, her modelling and her performance art. All of it has to do with creating something and being creative. So they are all fuelled by and fuel the same creative energy with Cervena.

Thus she found a way to make all of her jobs, support one another. Thus when she does one of them, it is helping her do the others. This also makes everything exciting, as no 2 days are the same.

Cervena being her friendly and charming self, at her booth at this years Scottish Tattoo Convention.

Final Comment:

What can we say about Cervena now that we haven’t? This young lady has gone all over the world in her career and continues to do so. She is one impressive bundle of girl power that never seizes to amaze and impress, and it does not look like she will be stopping any time soon.
All we can do is continue to follow her and wish her the best of luck.

Oh and one more thing, Cervena did not want to reveal too much, but she wanted to tease all of her fans a bit. She is currently working on doing a new aerial hoop show, inspired by a certain character in the Batman Universe. But that is all she would tell us, so you will have to wait with baited breath, to see what she comes up with.

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