Celia Sanchez; Moving Stigma’s With Visual Story Telling!

Celia Sanchez; Moving Stigma’s With Visual Story Telling!
August 08
19:05 2017

What Celia Does:

Celia Sanchez is a photographer. Actually, calling Celia just a photographer, doesn’t do her justice.
She doesn’t just take photographs of people. Like any artist worth there salt, she wants to tell a story through her craft. She seems to go into every project she creates, with all she has. Putting her own passion into it and taking each project to heart.

She doesn’t just photograph her subjects, she takes care to listen to their stories and learn what experiences lie behind the expressions and images she captures. She wants to capture it all in her pictures. Whether she photographs burlesque performers, low-riders and their owners, or indeed just shoots a portrait of an interesting person. She seems to capture the stories behind the people and subjects, within her pictures.

Devoted; Tattooed Mothers and Their Children:

A series that stands out more than any of Celia’s work, to us here at MediaZink. Is a project of hers called “Devoted”.
In this project Celia photographs tattooed women, who all have one particular thing in common. They are all mothers. No matter how many or how few tattoos they have, what color or creed they are, all these women are mothers.

But the project goes one step further: At first she photographs these women by themselves, then she photographs these women together with their children. She seems to capture every single ounce of love that exists between the mothers and their children, in her pictures of them together. Showing a sharp contrast, between the fierce beauty the women showed off on their own, in comparison to the motherly love and compassionate beauty, they show together with their children.

This builds to what is the point of this series, what Celia succeeds in showing the world, so to speak.
She shows anyone who cares to look at this photo-series of hers, what a tattooed mother actually is.
The answer; she is just as devoted a mother as any other mother in the world, she is just as loving and caring and she too will do everything for her child. It effectively removes any onlookers stigmas and prejudices, towards tattooed mothers, perhaps even tattooed women in general.

Final Comments:

Indeed Celia Sanchez’s work is more than worth a look. All of her photo series are amazing pieces of art, just waiting to be enjoyed. But especially her series Devoted, which we talked about above, is an incredible piece of art that dares to challenge people’s prejudices.

Please go look at her work at her website  and keep an eye here on Mediazink for more awesome articles and reviews. Also, Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official).

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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