Celebrity Ink; A Mediazink Top 10:

Before we start the countdown of celebrity ink, first we would like to explain some criteria. First of all, it is about the quality, meaning and story behind the tattoo, not quantity. So Jonny Depp, however awesome he is, does not automatically get a spot on this list, just because he has a lot of tattoos. Secondly, this list is comprised of celebrities who are international start. This means that local celebs from various countries, as well as people who are famous only within the tattoo community or similar, will not be considered.
Also, the tattoos have to be real. Tattoos that were only painted on, as part of a movie role,do not count.

The Top 10:

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnshon; Bull Tattoo:

No no, not his old bull tattoo, the new one made by the awesome Nikk0 Hurtado. Kudos to The Rock for choosing to upgrade his old bull tattoo, commemorating his time in Texas. By covering it up with a much larger long horn/bull skull, covering his upper right arm, so that the Rock now has two half sleeves. Both of which look pretty damn awesome.

2. Johnny Depp; Whole Collection:

We do not want to pick just one single tattoo on this man, his collection has become one of infamy. Perhaps not for their style, more for their purpose. As the man has himself said “They are my Journal”, his tattoos are for his enjoyment and many commemorate important things in his life. Plus, as many of the girls love out there, it makes him look even more like a Pirate off screen.

3. Lena Headey; Lotus Flower:

This actress jumped to superstardom with her role as Cersei Lannister on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. But what only the keen fans may know, she has quite the collection of tattoos, with our favourite being the lotus flower between her shoulder blades. Quite a lovely tattoo to see on a female celebrity indeed, and a heartwarming one, considering her many villainous roles.

4. Jason Momoa; Samoan lower arm piece:

We apologise if we got the style wrong, but Lena’s fellow Game of Thrones star and the current Aqua Man. Has quite the awesome tattoo, denoting his Hawaiian and Polynesian heiritage, his lower arm piece. It is a simple design, yet it is powerful and very masculine, suiting the musclebound actor perfectly. Especially since he has a lot of soul and values family dearly. The tattoo is so cool, it inspired the rest of the Aqua Man characters ink, in the Justice League film.

5. Ruby Rose; Whole Collection:

Once again, just like with Depp, we cannot single out a single tattoo on this beautiful Australian model and Actress. She has had many roles in movies and tv-shows by now and done tons of campaigns and commercials. She is well known for shattering notions of beauty standards, both regarding tattoos and gender ideals, in a short video she took part in, where she washes away makeup that covers up her tattoos. Her collection itself is very colorful and has both some silly stuff, and some more deep and heartfelt stuff.

6. Sylvester Stallone; Whole Collection:

It might not be the biggest collection, but even at this old muscle man and action stars current age, it looks awesome. Not only that, but the legendary Mario Barth, has tattooed him as well. It is a colorful and powerful collection that he started getting somewhat late in life, bt he has used it in movies in the last few years. Even “Rocky” sports ink now a days, what a world we live in!

7. Adam Levine; The Tiger:

Adam Levine the legendary front man from the band Maroon 5, has indeed got a lot of ink these years. Some of his tattoos are beautiful, others like the manga girl who is… compromised, are more strange. But the tiger on his right arm is quite the awesome Japanese style tattoo. Not the most elaborate tattoo, but it goes well with the rest of his collection and looks awesome, and well done.

8. Travis Barker; The Boom Box:

Is difficult to single out a tattoo on the heavily tattooed awesome drummer, from the legendary Blink 182. But if we had to pick one it is the boombox on his stomach. It stands out with it’s cartoony newschool, grafitti’esque style, as well as having quite a lot of meaning to the punk rocker, displaying his quirky love of music.

9. Ryan Reynolds; 9 o’clock Cannon:

Ryan Reynolds, famous for his good looks and his comedic talent on the silver screen. The man has been a macho heartthrob in many a movie for years. But today he is most famously proud, of his very raunchy and adult take, on the marvel Anti-hero Deadpool.
But not many fans know that the man has a few tattoos, however small. Our favourite is his 9 o’clock cannon, which is a memento of his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Where the old naval gun goes off every evening at 9pm.

10. Connor McGregor; The Gorilla:

We couldn’t make this list, without putting Ireland’s favorite son on it somewhere. The young man has had a rocket career in the MMA world, especially in the UFC, where he seems unstoppable. His fans love him for his raw energy and constant winner mentality. But he does have a heartwarming side it seems, as he commemorated his home gym in Ireland, with his gorilla chest piece, the gorilla, being the mascot of the gym.

Final Comments:

We hope you enjoyed this top 10 of ours, please let us know if you want more like it in the future. Perhaps you were surprised at some of our picks, you are more than welcome to tell us who is on your top 10.

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