Cavellucci Tattoo; Sensual Tattooing with Lots of Detail from Portugal

Cavellucci Tattoo; Sensual Tattooing with Lots of Detail from Portugal
April 30
14:05 2017

Cavellucci Tattoo; Master of Fine Line Tattoos:

Eduardo, also known as Cavellucci Tattoo, is a great artist from Lisbon Portugal. He words out of a studio called Queen of Hearts, who he also represented at 50 Shades of Ink. Eduardo is a master and lover of details and ornamental tattoos, he loves to create fine lines that compliments the body’s shape. The fine line work in his tattoo style, whether he tattoos animals or just pretty ‘filicry’ as he calls it. Always reminds him of Portugal, so he has a strong cultural sense in his tattoos, and great love that he puts into his work.

He especially loves doing flowers and ornamental ‘filicry’ tattoos, indeed he loves tattooing both animals and plants, anything from nature. He feels that you can draw any rose or any flower indeed, in so many different ways, which makes it harder and more challenging. Re-imagining it and working his own style and touch into those images, it makes him work even harder and better, which he loves. So you are in luck if you want any images with nature or something ornamental, especially if you want it on your thighs. Eduardo loves tattooing thighs, he feels the size of the area. The movement you can give a tattoo on that part of the body, by not all of it being visible at the same time.
Which he feels is the advantage of the larger canvas and a larger tattoo.

At 50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg, 2017:

It was Eduardo’s first time at 50 Shades of ink, representing both himself as Cavellucci Tattoo. As well as representing Queen of Hearts Tattoo from Lisbon. He absolutely loved it and felt the convention was amazing.
Especially he loved how many people there were, the atmosphere of the crowd and the convention. More specifically he also loved his open booth, as well as how well distributed and planned out the space of the convention was.
He would definitely want to attend 50 Shades of Ink Sweden again, perhaps already next year, and even though he had not heard of Mediazink before, he was excited to be featured by us and to attend our convention.

Gallery of Cavellucci Tattoo/Queen of Hearts Tattoo, 50 Shades of Ink Sweden 2017:

Stay tuned for more reviews of great artists, here on Mediazink.


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