A Master of Fine Lines and Details:

Cavellucci Tattoo is a master of black and grey and black work. If you ever heard anyone say you can also trust a man with a great moustache, then the saying would hold true about this talented artist. Who started out the old school way, when you fixed your own needles and everything.

Today Cavellucci is 35 years old and has been tattooing for 15 years. He originally started out being a sculpture at a Christmas Decorations Company, believe it or not. As he told us laughing, talking about a big ass 8 foot Santa Claus sculpture he had to do once.

How he got his start:

But his real start with bod-art was actually doing scarification and body modification on people. Which he did, back when no one else was doing it, there was only two studios/teams that were doing it in Sao Paulo at the time. You could only find that sort of thing on the BME websie (Body Modification Extreme). But after that he opened up a shop with his former boss from the Christmas Decorations Company. His former boss was a tattoo artist and he found out Cavellucci did body mods and piercings.

So when his former boss got fed up at the company, he came to Cavellucci and asked if he would like to work for him at a tattoo studio, and that is how he got his start in the tattoo world. Today his boss has 4 studios in total in Sao Paulo called Gelly’s tattoo. So both him and Cavellucci have seen success since there modest beginnings.

An Artist Whom is Passionate About His Art:

Today Cavellucci works at Queen of Hearts tattoo in Lisbon, where he has fallen in love with doing fine detailed line and dot work, as well as black work. Basically if you ask him, he is living his dream, getting  to travel the world and making people happy, earning money as well, just doing what he loves. But he loves putting all sorts of details into his tattoos and all sorts of cool awesome textures.

This is why it is difficult for Cavellucci to think of any dream tattoo he would love to do. Because everyday he gets to do some awesome/dream tattoo on someone, who lets him express his art on their skin. However, he does so far have a favourite tattoo, among all the one’s he has done over the last 15 years, and it has quite the special story.

The Man Who Donated His Body To Science:

See one day a man came into Cavellucci’s tattoo studio, wanting a tattoo on his stomach. It wasn’t the placement but the design and idea behind it, that made Cavellucci love the man’s idea, and decide to do the tattoo, despite the man having no tattoos so far. So Cavellucci tattooed a huge zipper all across the side of the man’s belly. All because the man thought it would be funny, since he has donated his body to science after he dies. That when the doctors will have that giant zipper to cut him open across, when they need to look inside him. Cavellucci couldn’t even keep a straight face, as he fondly thought back on this cool and admittedly funny tattoo.

But what he loved especially about this tattoo, was the man’s attitude, that fuck this shit, I am getting old and I want to live my life and have some fun. A lesson Cavellucci tries to live by himself, loving what he does with his craft every day. Making him feel both blessed and rather lucky, grateful even , to be doing what he does.

Final Comments and Gallery:

Cavellucci is far from done, and believes he will never stop learning or getting better. But he does plan to go more into a rather impressive and cool hobby of his, making awesome jewelry, especially out of silver. But don’t worry, this awesome artist could never seem himself stopping with tattoos.

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