Catt Gallinger; Turning Her Horror Into A Lesson:

Catt Gallinger is a young Canadian alternative/tattoo model from Ottawa. In the autumn of last year, Catt decided that she wanted to take her modifications to the next level. So she scheduled an appointment for a Scleral (the whites of your eyes) tattoo. She did, in her own words, not research the procedure properly and just went with her ex-boyfriend, who happened to be a tattoo artist.

Sadly for Catt, the procedure did not go well and she had immediate complications with her eye. The ink was leaking out the eye, her eye and the area surrounding it, had swollen up, meaning there was both internal and external complications. Even when the swelling fell her eyesight had taken permanent damage. It has brought the model so much pain and suffering that she has even contemplated having her eye permanently removed (read more).

We see more and more cases like this happening all over the world. Especially young people, who want to get their eyes tattooed, but who do not research properly and end up with permanent damage. But in Catt’s case, something made it a little more special.

Paying it Forward:

Catt decided after her procedure and the following complications, that she would not spread hate or bile. Instead she has opted for trying to teach people a valuable lesson, with her own situation as her aid. She is not criticizing the artist who did her scleral tattoo, nor is she telling people off for wanting them, or any other body-mod’s for that matter.

She still supports people’s choice and their right to do what they want with their own bodies. What she has decided to do, is to inform people of the importance, of doing proper research before you do anything permanent to your body. She is leading with herself as the bad example, putting herself on the cross (so to speak), in order to help others to avoid her mistake.

She is truly trying to make the best of her own crisis, holding her head high and trying to help others, instead of feeling sorry for herself. Hopefully she is feeling better these days and continues to lead by example and doing what she can to help people.

Final Comment:

So please to anyone considering body-mod’s, follow the advice of Catt Gallinger. Research your artists, surgeons etc. properly. It is your body we are talking about, so be careful, you can’t just go and get a new one. Honor those that come before you and experiment, taking risks so that you don’t need to.

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