Let me start this short and sweet post, by saying this is
my idea of how further stigmatization can be prevented,
I am not trying to force my opinion on you guys.
I also realize that some people don’t care about the
stigma surrounding tattoos and body-art, and others again
believe it is no longer an issue of much concern.

But what I want to talk about here, is how I view the current situation
regarding especially tattoos and stigma, and how I feel we
tattooed people, as a community might be able to improve it.

There are two main ways in which I feel stigmatization can be fought.
One is through science, which becomes an easier an easier task,
because of how the stigma has already been reduced quite a bit.
For example through the shows like Miami Ink and the like.

But through further scientific research, proving how baseless
the stigma surrounding tattoos is, a lot of opinions can be moved
and changed.
Especially because of the status expert opinions have,
in the general public around the world, even in regards to how
we adorn and treat our bodies.

Another way in which I personally, as a (tattoo) sociologist,
feel we can fight the stigma, is through openness and information.
This is inspired by Erving Goffman’s general theories on stigma.
But what I mean by this, is the following:
If we are open towards the people who are ill-informed,
curious or even ignorant, when it comes to tattoos and body-art.
We can form a dialogue with them, a dialogue through which
they can gather more information through us, and thus learn
about why we do what we do.

This will in many cases, I believe, change their opinions
towards accepting tattooed people and what we do.
I am not saying they will approve of it, nor am I saying tattooed
people should always start up a long discussion whenever they
get asked a dumb question about their tattoos.
What I am saying is to remain positive, open and informative
when possible, should you wish to move peoples opinions.

I am aware that some people, like tattoos better when they are
objects, which are rebellious and anti-establishment.
However for the greater “good” so to speak, of all tattooed
people and our community, and culture.
Removing the stigma helps a lot more people, than sustaining
it ever will. So I hope that people can see the positive point,
That I am trying to make here.

I hope you enjoyed this dose of my “Tattoo-Logia” and as always,
all feedback is appreciated and please do tell me if there is a topic
you want me to write about.

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Stay awesome people and thank you for your attention.