Butch Locsin; Another Kind of Skulls:

Butch Locsin, a cool performance artist with quite the colorful act to his name. Inspired by Dia De los Muertos, or Day of the dead in English, Butch has reinvented the good old skull. His version of skulls and his performance, makes even the colorful displays of the holiday that inspired him, seem dull in comparison.

If you thought sugar skulls were colorful and put a pretty spin on something grim, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The skulls that Butch has created for his performance are truly next level, when it comes to being colorful. He wants to make people re-think how they look at death, and celebrate the cycle of life. We would dare say, that his skulls are definitely a step in the right direction.

Combining his skulls, with matching colorful suits and colored smoke that re releases during his performance, butch makes something beautiful and lively, out of an otherwise grim part of the human anatomy. He is truly worth checking out, for anyone looking for some artful inspiration, or just some cool art.

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