Bunshin Horitsune II – Tattoo Artist

Long ago, the tattoo is given the negative meaning by the society for only those bad people have tattoos in them. However, throughout the time, the tattoo is no longer the symbol of negativity; it is a form of art. More and more people inked themselves in the name of art and have nothing to do with the negative thing. Each place in the world has its own uniqueness of tattoo which makes the tattoo art more varies. One of the famous tattoo arts which also has plenty admirer is the Japanese tattoo.

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Known as Irezumi, Japanese Tattoo art draws the western and the world attention for the uniqueness and beauty. The word irezumi is from Chinese Character which literary means to insert ink. The Chinese character of the word also pronounces as Bunshin is now largely as the Japanese tattoo. If you want to know more about Japanese traditional tattoo; you can get a literal reference from a book entitled Bunshin Horitsune II – Tattoo Artist. The book is written by Wolfgang Herbert; it is available in three languages, English, Japanese, and German. Published in Novermber 2010, this book about Japanese traditional tattoo is widely sold online. The Japanese tattoo is certainly something fascinating and makes people eager to learn more about it.