Bucket List; It Can Wait A Little Longer

Bucket List; It Can Wait A Little Longer
November 18
18:29 2017

The Bucket List; Why Are Tattoos Always Present?

A Bucket List, most people know what it is even if they might be young. We hear about them from friends and family, we hear about them in TV-Shows and Movies and we hear about them in songs. But for those who may not be clear about what it is, here is a short definition; it is a list of things you need to do before you die.

Most people begin creating these lists, when they have a mid life crisis, some even do it before. But the same thing always seem to be the case; it is more than anything a list of things people are scared to do. Never, is it a list of things people aren’t sure of yet. It is always a list of things people really want to do, but they are mainly scared, or for some reason incapable, of doing currently in their life.

On most people’s bucket lists, tattoos and piercings often show up for many people. Perhaps because they are afraid of their careers or what their friends and family may think about them. But the fact is, that a lot of people are saving the tattoo for the bucket list, for when their “best years” are behind them.

Don’t Wait For the Fat Lady to Sing:

It seems strange to put tattoos on your bucket list. We are not trying to say that we have anything against older people getting tattooed, by all means be our guest, it is awesome. It just seems strange that if you know you want a tattoo, have known for a long time, doesn’t it seem like a disservice to yourself to wait till that late in your life?

Like most other things tattoos are meant to be enjoyed. It is the same as with a lot of other things we do in life.
But unlike that trip to Australia you never got around to saving up for, a tattoo is a lot more personal and can often mean just as much if not more than that trip.

So we here at Mediazink, would suggest that instead of waiting till the fat lady is warming up her vocal cords. Perhaps take a hard look at yourself and if you really want that tattoo, then get it done. Don’t be too concerned with what other people may think, do it for yourself. Also, you don’t have to go and get a full sleeve or a face tattoo etc. you are probably just starting out with something small, so what’s the harm?

Final Comment:

We hope this article wasn’t a downer for people. It was just something we here at Mediazink got a bit curious about. But it might be the case, with the disappearing stigma regarding tattoos. That there are fewer and fewer people, who feel the need to put it on their bucket list. Regardless of whether you wait till your hair goes gray or you get it in your youth. We hope you enjoy your ink and get something cool done. Just don’t wait till it is too late.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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