Brutal Black

Tattoos by: 3Kreuze

Brutal blackwork, a style that is very “in your face”. Some people might say it’s provoking, some say it´s ugly, some say that it isnt art but for me, the beauty is in the eye for the beholder. It might look brutal but the style are still getting bigger and more popular, all over the world.

Tattoos by: Cammy Stewart

If you give it a thought, “blackwork” has been around for a very long time but maybe not in the same way. For some people are tribals, polynesian style tattoos in a way blackwork, but for some it´s not and in the end, it´s all up to the person who choose to ROCK it.

Tattoos by: Anrijs Straume

One of the first persons I saw with a full black sleeve is the now, world famous Monami Frost and my first thought was that it looked crazy but the more I saw it, the more I started to really like it and appreciete the art. For an artist, to pack that MUCH black on HUGE body parts and for the client to take all that pain requires real dedication.