Brutal Black; When Pain is Gain!

Brutal Black; When Pain is Gain!
December 11
13:44 2017

Brutal Black; Pain is Growth:

Brutal Black, a tattoo studio unlike most others today. Everyone knows pain is a part of getting tattooed, it is the rite of passage as some would say. Even if you are a newcomer or not tattooed at all, you know pain is a part of it. You might not even know how much getting tattooed will actually hurt, but you still know that pain is a part of it.

In Brutal Black, they take it a step further, with their own philosophy on pain. Pain is still a rite of passage, so to speak, but to these artists the pain is not something to be overcome, it is something to be embraced. This comes from an unorthodox view of pain. Pain to them, is not a negative outcome of something that has gone wrong. Pain to these guys, is a moment of teaching and growth, a moment where you truly get to know yourself.

Because of this philosophy, Brutal Black is truly a brutal place. They do everything they can to make the tattoo experience as painful and tough on the client as possible. The clients who share in their philosophy on pain, line up for this and are actually looking forward to the painful and at times humiliating experience.

Extreme Pain for Extreme Personalities:

As can be seen in a VICE video about the tattoo studio, there are several factors that come into play. But the clients are aware of all of these and come from far and near, for this specific and brutal tattoo experience. Often part of the experience is also extremely visible and aggressive tattooing and all you can get done, is black work and black out tattoos. You can’t come to these guys with a drawing or an idea.

The only kind of tattoo you can get done at Brutal Black, is black tattooing with no image. It is tattooing for the sake of covering the skin in ink and experiencing extreme pain, nothing else. They even call you names and demean you as they tattoo you, so as to break you down.
It is all part of the growth process they see the pain of tattooing as being.

The people that go under the needle here, agree too. With ambitions of bringing their inner self to the surface. Ambitions of getting to know their true selves. All coupled with an ambition to be extremely tattooed. So if your mission is pain to the brink of breaking down, coupled with extreme black-work tattooing, there might not be a better place.

Final Comment:

The kind of tattooing that goes on at the Brutal Black studio, is definitely not for everyone. But it is non the less fascinating. It shows the diversity of the tattoo culture and shows how some people, can be into purely being tattooed. No conventional images or meanings or anything needed, just pain and blackness. It is fascinating and these people too, are just trying to be themselves. Just like a lot of other tattooed people are trying to be, in today’s chaotic society.

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