The Bridge at Kontrast Ink Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.

The tattoo studio Kontrast Ink Gallery had vernissage for their art gallery
last evening and ofcourse, we were there.


Kontrast Ink Gallery was open 2017 and it is a beautiful shop with everything in it.
The shop really feels fresh and you can really see that these people are true artists.

The shop is owned by the one and only Daniel Kulagin, a well known guy in the
world of tattooing who has a big interest in art. Other artists working in the shop
is Emil Pettersson, Andreas Engblom, Amina Selling and Mikael Altersten.


A lot of people was at this amazing art vernissage, named The Bridge and everyone
was very excited. The art on the walls was super good, as well as the overall vibe.
There were drinks, champagne, beer, grapes, chips and so on, they really took care
of the people visiting the show. We hope you enjoyed this short review and dont´t
forget to check out Kontrast Ink Gallery on Instagram, Facebook, etc.