Brides of The Dead; When Death Doesn’t Stop You:

Brides of the dead, it sounds way worse than it actually is. The name quickly fires up the imagination, thinking about women being buried with their spouses. However, this is not the case. These are the names of some quite fascinating figurines, that Egyptian men were buried with. This was going on in the ancient kingdom of Egypt, more than 2000 years BC.

What was special about these figurines were two things, like many of the Egyptians themselves at the time, the figurines were “tattooed”.
This was to ensure that they would better fulfill their task. The task of these dolls being to arouse the dead, in order to ensure reincarnation.

But it seems that these little tattooed clay women/dolls, are only the tip of the iceberg. Many paintings have been found by archealogists in Egypt, depicting women of various roles; musicians, dancers and swimmers who all appear to be tattooed. Tattooed women were in a way, believed to appeal to the goddess Hathor, who both ensures reincarnation, but also has to do with fertility and sexuality.

Final Comments:

So it is indeed not a new thing, for a society to think tattoos make a woman more attractive. Indeed we now know, that even the ancient Egyptians believed this to be the case, thousands of years ago. We guess some things never get old, because women and men today, all look really sexy and fine in our eyes, with some ink on their skin.

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