Bowery Stan; Honoring a Living Legend:

Bowery Stan, we here at MediaZink want to pay a small modest tribute, to this living legend. The man has been tattooing since 1948 and is still going strong today. Born i the 30’s he started at a young age with his tattooing, like many of the old timers did. He has been well known in the industry for decades, learning his craft in the notorious Bowery. A rough place in New York, but it was where you had to be back then, if you wanted to become a tattooer.

Today Stan works out of the studio Central Coast Tattoos. Not only has he had a long career, we are sure with its up and downs, but he has seen it all through and even has a loving family, with even his grand kids (as you can see on his Instagram), coming out to support him at conventions and the like. Truly it must feel amazing and there must be a lot of pride to be had, from doing what you love still, after so many years, and even having your grand kids support it and praise you for it.

But this old cat has been around and put his mark on the industry. So much so that even Intenze has made a whole series of ink, with his help and in his name. We here at MediaZink hope that all will continue to be well for Stan and that we all get as many years more with him in the world, and the industry. Truly a living legend and a great tattooer, with many friends all over the world and even more fans.

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