Books + Ink; Tattoo Artists Unite for Cherity:

Books + Ink, not normally a combination a lot of people think about, when thinking about tattoos or libraries really. But this unlikely mix, is the foundation for something wonderful. A group of tattoo artists, from Denver in the US, have banded together, together with a local library for a united mission. The mission is to both create awareness about who actually gets tattooed today, as well as collecting money to support the library.

Flashsheet for the event

The cherity is lead by Nando Mondragon and his wife Raya. The couple are fed up with the same old stereo types of who tattooed people actually are today. Especially since the clientele today, literally encompasses people from all colors, creeds and walks of life. Not only that, but they also want to give back to their community, and especially provide young kids with a place to draw some great inspiration, through knowledge.

Flashsheet for the event

At the cherity event, their will be limited options for tattoos. But all of them will cleverly have to do with literary themes. So as to honor the venue of the library where it takes place. As well as pointing towards the similarities between books and tattoos. In that both tell stories, and both are for everyone who wants to part take in them.

Final Comment:

Books + Ink, not only is it clever. But the whole mission of it, is in itself awesome. It is one clever and fulfilling way, to both give back to their community as well as combat the stigmas that still surround tattoos, and the people that wear them today. We wish Nando and Raya all the best and good luck with their event, which will hopefully be a great success and inspire others to do the same.

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