Timothy Boor or Tim Boor originally get into tattooing in the year 2007 when a friend of his became a partner in a tattoo shop and talked Tim into learning. His friend knew of Tim as an artist because they had played in bands together and Tim used to draw up the album art.

His first job was as full-time artist at Paul Booth’s Last Rites Tattoo Theater. He had the chance to work with Paul Booth and Stefano Alcantara there, who he claims to be one of his favorite people on earth. He also got to be around Little Dragon, Markus Blanchard, and Toxyc, all who are among his favorite artists in the dark art realm.

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Made by Timothy Boor:

This artist has now transitioned to shop owner of The Bohemian Tattoo Club and Gallery back in his native town of Indiana. His style showcases realism and surrealism, mainly dark surrealism. But he’s also known for doing a lot of straight-up realism and copy work, like portraits, but he always prefers the more twisted, dark, bent side of things.

His works incorporates the idea of science and religion, and a lot of the ideas that he uses in his artwork stem from the far reaches of space and time.He acts as a symbologist of sorts. Always interpreting ideas with a lot of research into different ways to portray a particular subject matter and set different moods.