Body Suspension; Hooked on a Feeling… Literally:

Body Suspension, for many people it seems like the absolute extreme. For others it seems like a goal to aspire to, almost. Others again do not understand why people will pay for the experience. Yet to some it is meditation and an experience where they get to know themselves better. No matter what, body suspension is a painful and strange practice, which is not for the faint of heart.

It could technically be called extreme body-piercing, but it seems a bit more extreme than that when you see it.
Of course these piercings are not permanent. But it puts a lot of strain on the person going through it. Both their body as well as their pain threshold.

Yet some people seem to relax, going into a sort of meditative state, when they go through it. Others again are in pain all the way through, trying to prove to themselves that they can handle it. No matter what, the adrenalin is often pumping, when they are let off the hook (pun intended). Though it can have unfortunate outcomes, for some people the pain is just too much, they can pass out, get seizures etc. So it is at your own risk, but the people performing it, usually take care of their clients.

A Precise “Science”:

To the onlooker the placement and size of the hooks, may seem random. But to people that are into it, they know better. In reality the number of hooks, as well as their actual location and the duration of the suspension, the elasticity of the skin. They all factor in.

So there are very specific hooks for specific locations on the body. Varying in size depending once again on location but also on how many hooks will be carrying the load of the person. Indeed, you need to know what you are doing. In order for you to not hurt your clients, when you are performing body suspension. Else permanent injuries can easily happen.

Final Comment:

Body Suspension will continue to fascinate us here at MediaZink. Most of our staff have seen it performed at conventions all over the world. Some stomach it better than others, but all of us are baffled by how and why  people go through it. But to the people into we can just say, keep on doing it if you love it, but be careful you don’t get hooked (last pun we swear).

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