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Bodies of Inscription, is a book that came out in the year 2000. At the time it was probably the only book ever to look into tattoos and tattoo culture the way it it did. This book is the most comprehensive look into tattoo culture, ever written, even today. Here at Mediazink, we would warmly recommend that anyone who wants to know more about tattoo culture. For example people from outside the tattoo community, but also tattoo fans.

The book is as said above, quite comprehensive, tackling a lot of different topics regarding tattoo culture and the industry. Of course it needs to be taken into consideration, that the book is written about the tattoo world at the time. Which currently is over 17 years ago. So it talks a lot about how the tattoo community functioned in the 90’s

However, Margo DeMello, recognized and predicted, many of the new developments we are seeing today. Such as the growing focus on the art side of tattooing, as well as the growing diversity in what people want to have tattooed.
Some of the topics talked about in the book range from: Talking about how bodies function in society and in regards to identity in general, the cultural roots of tattooing, how people create meaning within their tattoos in different ways, and how the industry works to try and create a more positive image, regarding tattoos in society.

A Comment From Tattoo-Logia:

An individual here at Mediazink, who knows this book more than anyone else, is our sociologist Tattoo-Logia.
Who has used the book many times in his research;

The book is impressive in the way, that it respects both the artists, the clients as well as the outsides worlds point of view. Meaning that it objectively, ends up defending tattoos, in regards to mainstream society. Explaining how both the artists, the industry and the clients, have all improved the tattoo industry and culture. 

Especially from an academic context, this book is a master piece. Explaining how meaning can be formed in many ways for the wearer, and also explaining how the industry tries to improve its image. Wanting to be taken seriously by the rest of society. Indeed I would strongly recommend this book. 

Indeed, the book is an interesting read giving food for thought. To artists and collectors alike, whether you agree with DeMello’s theories or not.

Final Comments:

The book may not be too easy to find today. But it will definitely be an interesting an enlightening read for anyone, wanting to know more about tattoos. Especially how people create meaning within their tattoos. It might even show tattoo collectors and people that just get a few tattoos, in a new light in the eyes of tattoo artists, if they read this book.

No matter what, the book is a great read, despite its somewhat old age. So we once again highly recommend it.
Especially if you are interested, in a more social scientific look at tattoos.

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