Bloggers and Collectors; What They Do For Tattooing:

Bloggers and Collectors; What They Do For Tattooing:
November 19
18:17 2017

Bloggers; Explaining and Displaying the Culture: 

Bloggers are also collectors as well, at least in many cases. However, I wanted to separate them, since not all collectors are bloggers and the opposite also holds true. But bloggers became a big part of modern (tattoo) culture, especially in the last 5-10 years.

They do everything from just posting their opinions regarding certain tattoo trends, talking about their favorite artists and tattoos, conventions they attended, even discussing news. Some are of course more successful than others. But I think the fact that “anyone” could do it, is what creates the best outcome from it.

Exactly because anyone could sit down and create a blog, you get a much greater nuance of blogs. Thus we see so many great blogs out there, all focusing on different aspects of the tattoo culture. All of them giving their own opinion and view on things. In some ways it might cloud what is going on, but I believe to a much greater extent, that it helps people see how big, nuanced and diverse contemporary tattoo culture is. Helps people to see all sides of the world of tattooing, both the good and the bad.

Please go find and support the lovely Treacle Tatts

A great example is the lovely Treacle Tatts who loves giving advice, and telling her own tattoo stories and experiences. All to help others as well as display the world of tattooing and its culture.

Collectors; Showing The Art Everywhere:

Collectors, these people are in their own way doing a lot to show off the world of tattooing. Many of these people, whether they collect only one style, or several ones. Whether they go for only top artists (which holds true for many), or whether it is about the journey and meaning behind the different tattoos, and who does them.

They show off many of the different ways a tattoo can have and even create meaning for a person. To me personally, they also display the artistic beauty of tattoos and the tattooed body, at least in many cases. But they definitely also show the many different ways one can collect tattoos, they have stories that can help others make their on tattoo journeys better.

Tattoo collector and model Angela Mazzanti

Just look at SullenTV’s spots on collectors on YouTube, not one story is exactly the same. Most of them don’t even have tattoos from the same artists, yet all of their work is by amazing artists (in most cases). Listening to their stories, people can learn a lot about what tattoos mean, what it means to be tattooed and how people go about it.
Indeed collectors can often show off the best of the modern tattoo world, and how much people can love tattoos.
Just look at Yallzee, tattooed all over yet he keeps finding space for new awesome work, the man truly loves tattoos and great artwork.

Yallzee whom is also featured in the feature image of the blog post.

Final Comments:

Indeed, I think it is awesome to see what collectors and bloggers do for our contemporary tattoo culture. In their own way, both of them work wonders even without perhaps knowing it, when it comes to educating people about tattoos.
Both those who are just curious and the young people who are looking for their first (of many) tattoos.
I personally enjoy what they do, both as a “collector” of sorts myself and as a tattoo sociologist.

I hope all you guys enjoyed my blog post, perhaps it has gotten you more interested in looking into these guys.
Please if you want to see what I get up to and hear more about my opinions, do follow my Instagram @tattoo_logia
the more support I get the more I can work on my research and own blogging.

Stay awesome people!

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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