Black Skin; Tattooing A Different Canvas

Black Skin; Tattooing A Different Canvas
June 21
13:00 2018

Black Skin; Different Skin Have Different Difficulties:

We want to start out by saying black skin, is just as good for tattooing as any other skin color. All we want to talk about, in this article inspired by another article in the Paris Review. Is the way, like we have mentioned previously, different skin affects tattooing. In this article we just focus on darker skin and especially black skin. As more often than not, the consensus is that black skin is not as good for tattooing.

Indeed, there are some difficulties to take into account when it comes to ink color. More often than not, more colorful tattoos are avoided by people with very dark skin. Most artists don’t know how to make colors appear as vibrant as they would like them to do, in really dark pigmentation. There are the rare artists out there who are more experienced with the skin type, that might beg to differ.

But tattoos are just as much for black people as they are for everyone else. Indeed it is lucky, that black skin looks incredible with darker tattoos and some people even get creative, with very vibrant and light inks, light white, red or blue. Utilizing the different character of the pigmentation to bring those inks to life, in a way you just can’t achieve in pale skin. Every skin type has it’s strengths, in the hands of the right artist.


Cultural Aspect:

When it comes to the cultural aspect, there is simply a bad stigma given to black people with tattoos at times. We won’t go into the details of the sociological mechanics of it here. Luckily it is not as bad as some people might fear. But even the smallest stigma is not a welcome sight.

Hopefully people will embrace everyone, and work together to stop this stigmatization. Black men (and women) aren’t thugs or gangbangers, just because they have tattoos. Just like with any other skin color, tattoos do not make people into criminals, deviants or delinquents.

Black peopel can be just as into tattooing, as any asian, middle eastern or white person can. They can have just as many different and varied reasons for their ink, as everyone else. The image of their tattoos, can be just as personal as with anyone else. So let’s all be inclusive and stop the hate, stop the discrimination and spread love, love among all our inked up brothers and sisters across the world.

Final Comment:

Black skin, white skin, brown skin whatever. If you love tattoos or piercings etc. Please don’t let anyone hold you back. Go out into the world, and make your body look the way you dream of. Don’t listen to hate or discrimination. Be yourself and be happy with your ink, the right people will support you and understand.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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