Black Friday; Are Bargain Tattoos Ever a Good Idea?

Black Friday, the infamous shopping “holiday” has just passed this last Friday. Even though it might be a little late, I would like to give my thoughts, on how Black Friday is also celebrated by many tattoos artists. These are my opinions, so please keep that in mind.

By now Black Friday is “celebrated” world wide, as a nerd and gamer I too like this holiday. But I do draw the line when it comes to tattoos personally. Tattoos are special because of their nature. It is not the same as buying a video-game, a comic book or some clothes at an incredible discount. with most things out there, this holiday can be used to try out stuff, you might not have wanted to at their regular price.

But this is where tattoos are different in my opinion. I personally applaud those tattoo artists, who do not “celebrate” this bargain fest. Tattoos should never be bought with an incentive like this, it is already a problem in the tattoo industry normally. But on Black Friday this problem is supercharged, people go out of their way, to save money on a tattoo. But the fact for me remains, tattoos should never be a bargain hunt, you should always look for the best not the cheapest.

Final Thoughts:

Of course there are also good tattoo artists, with great talent at that, who uphold Black Friday. But to me the core of the matter remains the same. Many of the clients that artists get on this day, are people who would normally not dare undertake the commitment of a tattoo at its normal price. But now that it has a great discount, they suddenly talk themselves into it.

This might not sound that bad, but the problem for me lies within this. People talk themselves into it in many cases, just because now there is a bargain. The price should never be a part of the internal discussion within a person, as to whether they want a tattoo or not. Instead they should focus on their own identity, what tattoo they want and by who, and figure out for themselves if they can handle wearing a tattoo.

People need to figure out whether they can handle the commitment, without bargains playing a factor in it.
Though it might sound harsh to some, I would rather have tattoo artists disregard Black Friday.
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