Berlin Police; Making a Welcome Change in Their Policies:

The Berlin Police has made an awesome new change. For quite some time, body-art among the police in Berlin was not only frowned upon, but as they say in Germany; it was “verboten”.  But since earlier this year, the police has edited their policy, so now it is permitted for police in Berlin to have visible tattoos and body-art.

Of course there are some quite rational and sensible exceptions to this new direction. Tattoo on the hands, neck and face are still not allowed. Which with the current climate and the still lingering stigma surrounding tattoos in most countries, seems reasonable enough.

But it is still a massive and positive step in the right direction. Allowing police to have visible body-art can even have positive implications for how tattoos are viewed in Germany as a whole, maybe even in other European countries too. Also, police might be able to better identify with some of the more at risk citizens in Berlin, when they too wear some body-art.

The Campaign add itself, it says; Body-art… it is no problem for us/it is okay with us.

Final Comments:

It is no matter how you slice it quite an awesome interesting change that the Berlin Police has made. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. How the public reacts and how the Police themselves react to the change. Hopefully it will promote more acceptance of difference, as well as of tattooed people.

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