Ben Affleck; The Back Tattoo That Launched a 1000 Comments:

Ben Affleck has quite the colorful and rather large (to some people) back tattoo. Some of you guys may already know this, some may just be hearing about it now. But it has been causing the world famous actor and film maker, quite a lot of trouble on social media. With many fans and other critics, heavily scrutinizing him about his tattoo, from the design, to the size and even the colors.

However, we don’t want to discuss the media backlash Ben Affleck faced for his tattoo, nor his awesome way of handling it. Because let’s face it, we here at MediaZink love art, especially body-art and we can’t see anything wrong with the actors choice there. So go on Affleck, flaunt that back piece all you want.

But the whole situation surrounding this tattoo, does become quite the harrowing example of something else. Even with other heavily tattooed superstars like Johnny Depp and Sylvester Stallone. Not even the rich and the famous are safe, from people scrutinizing them for what they do with their bodies. There will always be haters, so keep that in mind people.

Final Comment:

However, there is yet another thing Ben Affleck becomes and example for. That is the fact that you need to stand up for yourself and your right to do with your body, what you want to do. It is your body and your life, so as long as you are careful and think things through, we can’t see any problem with you tatting it up, piercing it or whatever.

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