Basketball; NBA Most Inked Up League:

Basketball is known to many, as one of the classic american sports. It is known all over the world, as a fast paced action packed sport, full of tall athletic giants among people. Whether you are a fan of the sport or tattoos and body-art, one thing quickly becomes noticeable among the most successful in the sport. It seems like every other player in the NBA, is heavily tattooed.

We are not even talking heavily tattooed, by mainstream standards. Most of the big names in Basketball, are absolutely covered in tattoos. Most people probably won’t notice what they have tattooed or just how much, as the zoom up and down the court. But during interviews and some press conferences (when they are not wearing suits), you can clearly see just how tattooed they are.

Many of the players however, aren’t this tattooed when they start out. As a sports commentator once said during the NBA “Tattoos have become a mark of success for many players”. Simply put, good tattoos aren’t cheap and they want good tattoos, and lots of them.
Thus when they start earning good money from the sport, they begin to get more and more tattoos.
That’s why some of the most tattooed players, are often also some of the most tattooed (not always though).

Final Comment:

No matter what, we love the fast paced sport and the tattooed stars in it. Not that you need tattoos to be a good basketball player. But to us as MediaZink, of course it doesn’t ruin the sport either. Do you enjoy basketball? do you love or hate how tattooed the players are? let us know what you think or if you have a sport you want us to talk about!

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