Band Interview with Elena Vladi & Patrick Crisci – Red Queen
Red Queen Band previously known as Demona Mortiss / Responding to Questions.

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Video by Robert E. Ball.

Elena Vladi is a musician and singer from the Nu Metal band Red Queen, formerly known as Demona Mortiss.
Elena is a fashion model and graphic designer. You’ve probably seen her a lot on ads for Heavy Red.


Elena Vladi is Russian. She loves astronomy, string theory, quantum physics and spiritual ascension. She is a vegan. She is proficient at tarot, rune and aura reading and a few other forms of divination, chakra balancing, and other subjects that most find peculiar.

(source: Facebook)

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Elena Vladi

Vocals – Elena Vladi
Guitars & Bass – Patrick Crisci
Drums – Trent Gouveia

Lyrics- Elena Vladi

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