Austin Police Department; Recruiting with Tattoos:

The Austin Police Department in the US state of Texas, couple of weeks ago they did something perhaps unexpected.
On the 17th of July, known as national tattoo day, they took full advantage. Not only did they let officers show off their ink more than usual. But they also took to social media, letting people know officially what they think, about new recruits with tattoos:

It’s  and yes! We do hire officers with tattoos! Want to know more about our tattoo policy? Chat with a recruiter at one of our upcoming info sessions or give us a call!

Indeed, letting anyone interested know that they do not care about tattoos. If you want to protect and serve, as they say in states, all that matters now is your ability to do so. Indeed, when going to the Austin Government’s website and looking at their police tattoo policy, you won’t find much. Not much more than the following, awesome statement:


Yes. Officers may have tattoos. However, if the tattoos are offensive in nature they must be covered up by clothing or arm bands. Applicants must submit photos of their tattoos with their Background History Statement. This policy is subject to change at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

The Police in Austin seem to have quite the reasonable and understandable tattoo policy. Nothing that can offend anyone,which is understandable as that might make their work difficult. But apart from that you are free to be as tattooed as you like.

Final Comment:

Austin Police Department, it is awesome to see a huge law enforcement institution, such as theirs. Follow the times and show how open minded and tolerant they can be. Showing that no matter who you are and how you decorate your body, you can be a police officer. However we do think facial tattoos may still be something to refrain from, but apart from that, you are good. How awesome is that?

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