The fight against cancer has been going on for a long time, we all have lost loved ones to the horrible disease or were fighting alongside them a battle which seems to be already lost.

Artists have taken the initiative to stand shoulder to shoulder with all such who are fighting the battle against cancer or with loved ones of souls already departed. Artists against cancer speaks louder than words. All across the globe artists get together to showcase the victory of survivors, the strength of those fighting and to remember those who have been lost to the disease. It is an Art event showcasing local artists/creatives with a twofold purpose: A) to raise local art awareness and B) donate proceeds (after covering basic costs) to cancer research centers.

We see a wide array of artists such as painters, sketch artists, tattoo artists , photographers all present and selling their art to send the proceeds to cancer research. and all the while providing a strong message to people across the world to claim their bodies.There is no charge for attendees or artists/vendors. There is usually an area inside the venue for donations.There may be an auction of specific pieces of art.Online donations can be made too.

For participants who know someone who has lost their fight to cancer, there is a display area for memories.

To understand the power of art we just need to look at survivors of breast cancer. A mastectomy is an undoubtedly life saving necessary evil yet there is something primitive and brutal about the removal of a breast. Many women report feeling less feminine after the operation, or say that their sexuality is compromised. Mastectomy scars are rarely neat and can be perceived as disfiguring. Reconstructive surgery is difficult, expensive and not always successful. A full reconstruction can take several surgeries to complete, and it is highly likely that the reconstructed breast will bear little resemblance to the original or its twin. As a result, more women are actively choosing not to reconstruct. There is a small but growing trend to refuse reconstruction and tattoo over the scar tissue instead. For many women, the battle with breast cancer is the most intense fight of their lives and they are seeking a way to acknowledge this, rather than disguise it.

Women who have chosen tattoos over reconstruction cite the reclaiming of their bodies as the main reason for the choice. Some women refuse reconstruction because they feel it is a denial of the impact of cancer, both positive and negative, and that a tattoo (often very carefully designed to express the personal nature of the cancer journey) is the exact opposite.

We can also see men and women baring their bodies for inspirational photo shoots and calenders revolving around the idea of accepting post cancer bodies to understand that surviving cancer is the real victory. Artists against cancer also promote the idea of solidarity and support to all the people fighting against cancer.